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Packing and Unpacking Services

Are you worried about how or if to pack everything before a move?

Unsure of how to pack or unpack in an organized way?

Do you want packing or unpacking to be painless?



Decluttering before a move saves money and time. Less packaging! Less transportation cost! Greater awareness and clarity! Easy to identify and account for everything!


A professional organizer packs and unpacks with care, of course, but also with a plan. They take away your concerns about how, what, when, and where!


Packing and Unpacking Services by Happy Sort


Amanda of Happy Sort knows you want your packing or unpacking services to go smooth. She has been in your shoes and has developed an efficient, practical process to carry out successful moves. Whether packing or unpacking, she goes through the remove step with you first to purge unneeded or unwanted items. She then sorts belongings by people, rooms, short or long-term use, and various other subgroups that fit your home and lifestyle. When packing a home, she includes inventory lists and thorough labeling with every job. She recommends the amount of boxes and supplies that you need to purchase. When unpacking, she can add containers and labels (if desired) to create the finishing touches you dream of.

Save time on your move and contact Amanda for a quick chat—she is ready to help!

Services & Pricing Info

Treva, San Diego Condo Owner

"Amanda is AWESOME, I downsized from a three bedroom to a 1 bdr, I had boxes everywhere, frankly the thought of unpacking and figuring out how to make all my stuff fit (even though I had already donated a lot of my stuff) overwhelmed me. I picked Happy Sort because Amanda was super sweet and was ready to work with me, my vision was to make the boxes go away, LOL, she saw what was needed, she made everything so beautiful. I can't give her enough stars...I HIGHLY RECOMMEND."


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