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Professional Organizer in San Diego

Are you too busy to declutter on your own?

Tired of trying to come up with organizing solutions?

Do you want your space organized in an efficient way that lasts?

Hiring the right professional organizer in San Diego can save you time and energy. A professional organizer can offer and implement expert solutions to your everyday struggles with organizing.


Hiring a professional organizer compares to working with a contractor, but also a coach or a tutor. A qualified professional organizer brings expertise and education to the equation. If you and your belongings need the touch of an expert, need an efficient system, or lasting solutions, then a professional organizer is the right person to turn to.

Why Happy Sort?

Amanda of Happy Sort is a dedicated and inspiring Professional Organizer in San Diego. She takes great pride in offering services catered to each client. Her goal is simple, to bring you happiness in your space so you can walk in the door and enjoy your life freely, without frustrating obstacles. Her process is to listen and identify your needs first on a phone call. She then meets you for a consult and provides a project plan. The fun unfolds when she implements the solutions and you experience the freedom of more time, space, and methods in your life. 


Curious about hiring a professional organizer in San Diego? Schedule a quick call with Amanda to see if it’s a good fit for you. It’s an easy first step to getting the organized space you desire!

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