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Garage Organizing Services

Is your garage a dumping ground for “stuff”?

Is it hard to store things in your garage anymore, including a car?

Is your on-the-go life keeping you from having your garage the way you want it?


If your garage clutter takes up too much room, or you’re embarrassed about your garage, you’re not alone. “One in four people said they can’t fit even one car into their garage” according to a 2016 Wall Street Journal article. Garage organizing on your own can be frustrating and time consuming. 


Amanda with Happy Sort realizes that you want to come and go from your home with ease. She knows you need your garage belongings arranged well and to be able to find or put things away quickly. With Happy Sort’s garage organizing services, your garage can be a relaxing environment, too.


What Does the Process Look Like?

Once hired and onsite, Amanda implements a custom garage organizing plan. Happy Sort’s garage organizing services (and kitchen organizing services) uses a remove – sort – arrange – contain – and maintain approach. She starts with the removal of all belongings (as much as possible) into an open area like a driveway or yard. This allows her to take inventory and sort items in categories that matter to you. Amanda then works to arrange and contain everything (as needed) and stages your belongings into their best, new “home base” garage locations. She can add labeling and coordinated containers if you’re looking for the full transformation or keep it simple by using what you already have. And, to help keep you on track, Amanda provides reference maps for the new layout and additional maintenance sessions down the road as needed.


Ready to walk or drive into a decluttered garage? Contact Amanda at Happy Sort for a free 30-minute call to discuss her garage organizing services today. 

Services & Pricing Info

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