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Karen P.

Home Owner, San Diego

"It's been so great working with Amanda. We got so much done. She's so talented--it's just so so easy to work with her. Amanda is amazing--efficient and really has a special talent."


Julie Minney

Professional Organizer, Owner

Minney Spaces Organizing

"Amanda and I had the opportunity to work together packing a client's large home. It was a complicated move that involved packing for long term and short term storage as well as staging the home for sale. Planning and coordination were key to make this job a success. 

I was impressed with Amanda's ability to jump right in and keep pace with the other team members. She demonstrated professionalism, excellent communication skills, problem solving techniques and a positive, collaborative attitude. She far exceeded my expectations and put my mind at ease so that I could concentrate on managing the project's progression and client needs. I highly recommend Amanda and I will not hesitate to contact her for future projects."


Delphine Raveau

Studio Owner, Artist

"I was very lucky to have Amanda help me when when I opened my art studio. She gave me excellent advice that allowed me to create a practical and welcoming space--ideal for creativity. And her positive energy is so contagious that it is a real pleasure to work with her!"

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