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Refurbished Kitchen

Kitchen Organizing Services

Are you overwhelmed in your kitchen?

Is it hard to cook or eat without noticing the disorganization in your kitchen?

Have you said “I need to clean out my pantry or cabinets”,

but you don’t know where to start?


Your kitchen can be a thriving central part of your home, but it can also cause heightened stress if it is not set up for your success. Getting your kitchen “just right” takes some planning and considerations. 

What It Looks Like To Get Help

Amanda with Happy Sort offers kitchen organizing services that are custom to your needs, habits, and goals. In her “meet Amanda” one-hour consultation she learns how you use your kitchen, how you would prefer to use your kitchen, and she analyzes the items and their spaces. When she returns to your home, like with garage organizing, she does the organizing in a remove – sort – arrange – contain – and maintain way. She pulls out what you have and works with you to remove expired or unwanted items first. Then, with some strategic sorting methods, she arranges and contains everything according to how you plan to use them. It’s really exciting when you see your kitchen or pantry put back together with just exactly what you need in a way that allows you to use it, stress free! 


Make It Simple

Happy Sort’s kitchen organizing services can get you back in your kitchen with happiness and ease. Amanda gets you over the hurdle of not knowing where to start and brings you to a finish line that is a new beginning. 

Contact Amanda for your free 30-minute call to let her creativity and know-with-all go to work for you, today.

Service & Pricing Info

Taylor, Client's Daughter

"I contacted Amanda to help my mom organize the kitchen in her new house. Not only was Amanda a pleasure to work with, but she was so kind, helpful, and helped us to establish systems throughout the kitchen! The pantry, cabinets, and drawers look so amazing and my mom is so excited to use her space now that everything has a place. I can't recommend Amanda enough! She is truly a professional and so talented! We will be using her for other areas in the house and recommending her to everyone!"
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