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What organizing services do you offer? 

Residential, small business, and moving services are available. We invite you to contact us to discuss your project needs in detail.


What days and times are you available?

We are happy to book sessions Monday through Friday from 10am - 6pm.

Times outside these windows are considered upon request.


Do you require us to be onsite or do you do the work alone?

Our priority is to bring you happiness with the results. Optimal results usually include some involvement with the clients along the way. However, every project is customized and can be done with or without you in person.


Do I need to organize or arrange anything before our sessions?

It is not recommended to pre-organize your belongings or areas before we begin. This should be a stress-reducing experience for you and we prefer to start with an as-is situation. However, it is advisable to have the affected areas cleared of any hazardous materials, animals, or children to ensure a safe work area without distractions.


Do you work in spaces with pets or smokers?

We love pets and will be happy to help their owners get more organized! For health reasons we will not offer services to a space occupied by indoor smokers. 


How long will my belongings or space take to organize? 

We aim to bring you happiness with the results. This includes being efficient with time and resources. We work with you throughout the session(s) to identify and communicate the time commitment and outcome potential. Additionally, every project is approached with compassion because various aspects of organizing (i.e. decision making, physical and emotional work, and implementation exercises) affect clients differently in terms of time. Often, clients see results early on and request to expand their projects into additional realms.


Will I have to purge everything? 

We understand that happiness is in our belongings, too. Every organizing situation is unique and although purging can be part of the process, it is not for everyone. We will work with you and your goals to determine what, if anything, needs to be parted with in a respectful way.


Can I give organizing sessions as a gift?

Absolutely! We are happy to provide multi-hour packages as a pre-paid gift. To ensure your generosity is appreciated and the gift is used, it is best to make sure the receiver is open to working with a professional organizer in advance of purchasing sessions. Gift sessions expire 12 months from date of purchase and are non-refundable.

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